The Light Tracers’ Archive
Trace the Light. Tell the Story.

The Light Tracers’ Archive#

Welcome, Lords and Ladies, Gods and Goddesses, Powers, Principalities, Angels, and Demons alike! Welcome to the Light Tracers’ Archive! Within your domains, you know all. You see all. But here… here you may indulge in the mortal pleasures of storytelling. Here you can find tales beyond your omniscience. You can be surprised! Amazed! Enthralled! Entertained by stories that are not mere fiction, but the true stories of other worlds and places.

I am Duskteller, and my companion is Dawnteller. Together, we trace the strands of light that make up all things and discover the stories of those who have lived and those who will yet live.

I do hope that we can provide the entertainment you seek, but please exercise Divine (or Demonic) Patience, as it takes a great deal of time and effort to trace the stories and tell them to you. We aim to provide at least one such story each month, but if we’re fortunate more frequent additions might be made!

These fine storytellers are doing incredible work worthy of the greatest praise!

—Ravennae, Goddess of Life

It is… intriguing… to experience something outside my knowledge.

—Balthasar, Guru of Reason

Reading in this Archive is easily the best experience short of taking souls.